Marijke Vroomen has written an excellent must-read book, Just the Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Medications & How to Take Them Safely, for anyone who has ever taken a prescription medication for any reason. Packed with excellent tips on everything from injecting medicines to learning how to swallow pills and put in eye drops--and why you shouldn’t break open some kinds of capsules, Vroomen has tackled an issue that nearly everyone needs to know about. The book is packed with important information about taking meds and filling prescriptions, and gives the reader an outstanding overview of anything you ever needed to know about taking medicine. - Jennifer Nelson, Health writer

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Do you take care of someone who has prescription medicines? Just the Right Dose can help  you. 

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Everyone who’s ever taken a prescription, or who may be taking one—and that’s probably all of us—should read “Just The Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely.” This book provides just the right dose of reason and rationale, and reminds us that medications aren’t to be played with, but are to be respected. Who better to write this than Marijke Vroomen Durning, RN, a respected healthcare journalist and editor? As a tribute to her extensive healthcare background and experience, “Just The Right Dose” is required reading for those of us who want to safely manage this important aspect of our own healthcare. - Stephanie Stephens - Journalist, Content Producer, Host

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What if I can't swallow the pill?

Did you know that there is a difference between instructions that tell you to take a pill ‘four times a day’ and those that say ‘once every six hours’? Did you know that some pills should never, ever be crushed before ingesting and that doing so could even be dangerous? We all take pills and other over-the-counter or prescription medicines, some more often than others. It’s become such a common practice that most of us really don’t think twice about it. In fact, medications are very carefully developed and calibrated and really don’t work properly unless they are taken in a certain way – with food, without food, in the morning, at night etc. You should always follow your doctor’s instructions, but these days many doctors just don’t have the time to carefully discuss how to take you medication, or you may forget those instructions once you get your medication home. The answer to this problem is Marijke Vroomen Durning’s new book “Just The Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely.” As a nurse, you can bet Vroomen Durning is well aware of all the pitfalls that can occur when taking medication and has offered a book that can help you avoid those pitfalls. This is a quick and easy read and is the sort of resource that should be kept in everyone’s medicine cabinet.  - Alison Palkhivala, health and medical writer

The information provided on this website and in the book, Just The Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely, is intended for educational purposes only. The author is not a physician and is not dispensing medical advice. The information in the book is not to be used as a substitute for treatment or advice from a practicing physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare provider, or to diagnose or treat any medical condition. For any health issues that require diagnosis or treatment, please consult your own physician or in cases of urgency, an urgent care clinic or emergency department. 

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Just The Right Dose:

"Just the Right Dose" is just the right remedy for medication misunderstandings and mistakes. It's the answer to all those "little" questions we didn't think to ask our doctors or didn't think were important enough to bother our pharmacists about when we've picked up prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines. "Just the Right Dose" explains how to take medicines the right way and why taking them the right way matters very much. It gives readers easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow tips to overcome common obstacles such as having difficulty swallowing pills and capsules, forgetting to take medicines, adjusting medication schedules to time changes, coping with adverse effects, disposing of expired medicines, and much more. It's the ideal quick reference guide for everyone who takes medicines. - Peggy J. Noonan [], a journalist who specializes in health and medicine for consumers and medical professionals



Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely 

Just the Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely takes the guesswork out of your prescriptions -  from what the prescription says and how to take medications properly, to how to dispose of any unused meds.